Aaron West - Tour Guide
Traveling is a pastime for some people, a break from regular life. For me, it is my regular life. As your tour guide, I’ll help you disconnect from your everyday world, so you can immerse yourself in nature and reconnect with yourself.

Hiker, Traveler, Outdoor Lover, Nature Appreciator
My name is Aaron West and I am a certified tour guide. I have loved travelling ever since I can remember, and have spent more of my life with a backpack on my back than I have sitting at a desk. I have been to every continent in the world and visited more than 50 countries, including Senegal, Indonesia, Qatar, Bahrain and Greenland.   

I am fluent in English, French and Italian and have very passable Spanish (if I do say so myself). I hold a BA in History from New York State University and spent 3 years living in Italy, where I wandered the countryside, working at odd jobs, and meeting wonderful people. I gained some excellent culinary skills during my travels, and am known for preparing some of the finest campfire meals in the region. I am a certified lifeguard and former competitive rower. 


All of my tours involve some degree of walking, but if you’d like a bit more activity, I’m happy to accommodate. In addition to full day or overnight canoe trips, you can also choose a full day off-road biking tour, mountain climbing, and rappelling. Let me know what interests you.  
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